Riding 100 miles for young adults with Down's Syndrome

Chris Scott

Target: 2,000.00



Start Date: 19-Mar-2019

End Date: 10-Jun-2019

Event Date: 02-Jun-2019

About my fundraising

In 1951 my uncle Ian Mackay was born with Down's Syndrome. Shunning the norm, my grandparents refused to hand him over to the state to care for in an institution and cared for him throughout his life.

Now in 2019, the provision and support for families of children with Down's is much better, but a lot of support ends as they mature. T21 is a new charity - chaired by my mum, Ian's sister - which is raising funds to develop and run a cafe and community centre to offer meaningful work and social engagement to young adults with Down's and other learning problems in the Stamford and Peterborough area.

The charity is fundraising for the fit out and running costs building the cafe will entail. More details can be found at http://www.t21.org.uk

I have never cycled 50 miles let alone 100, and have allowed myself two months to train, so any donations to incentivise me would be hugely appreciated - I will ride (at least some of it...) with the dog if I hit target!

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Anonymousdonation20-May-201930.007.50Dig in!
Fran Carterdonation20-May-201920.005.00
AnonymousEveryclick Search0.00Every search raises money
Marcus De Villedonation15-May-201930.007.50A great cause and may you have more down hills than up.
Lornadonation14-May-201950.00Good luck!
Lauradonation14-May-201930.007.50Wishing you all the best Chris
Katdonation09-May-201960.0015.00Good luck - lots of lube!
David, Emma and Fernedonation08-May-201950.0012.50Do it.
The Ifield?sdonation08-May-2019100.0025.00Well done !
Kathy McKendrydonation08-May-201930.007.50Well done Chris...good luck!
Dominic Cheethamdonation08-May-201950.0012.50I feel for you, and the other road users out and about during your ride. Should they be warned?
Anonymousdonation07-May-201950.0012.50Best of luck, Chris. Glad you have chosen terrain without hills. Justin
Dan Weinerdonation07-May-2019200.00
Maggie Scottdonation06-May-20191,000.00250.00Go team Red! Good luck from mum and dad!
David and Liz Sdonation06-May-201950.0012.50Good luck Chris
Jonathan Ellisdonation04-May-2019100.0025.00Great cause Chris. Enjoy the ride!
Lynn & Fletcherdonation02-May-201920.00
Trudy Bollonsdonation02-May-201910.002.50
Neil & Lizdonation02-Apr-2019100.0025.00I?m sure Red will enjoy the scenery
Dorothy McPartlindonation29-Mar-201950.0012.50Good luck Chris and well done for tackling this. Your mum has worked hard for many years to give those with Down?s syndrome what they deserve.
Maria Himsworthdonation22-Mar-201910.002.50
Eric Fisherdonation21-Mar-201975.00Wonderful Cause. Happy to help!
Richarddonation21-Mar-201930.00Good luck!
Simon Marshalldonation21-Mar-201950.0012.50Good work!
jennifer haywooddonation21-Mar-201930.007.50The cafe sounds like an inspired idea - I really hope it works out
Matt and Luciedonation21-Mar-2019100.0025.00Gluten free beer available at the finish line

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